Skube – A Tangible & Spotify Radio

Rethinking home audio and understanding how and where people share music was the jumping point for creating Skube. We realized that as we are moving more towards a digital and online music listening experience, current portable music players are not adapted for this environment. And sharing music in communal spaces is neither convenient nor easy, especially when we all have such different taste in music.

The result of our exploration is Skube, a music player that allows you to discover and share music and facilitates the decision process of picking tracks when in a communal setting.

For more info (including a video that shows how it works), please check out


How did this project use Max?

It is a fully working prototype through the combination of using Arduino and a XBee wireless network all controlled using Max/MSP. Using Max, we access the API and using Applescript (again, in Max), we get Spotify to play the music.

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