SmileForLive – Generative FM Synthesizer

SmileForLive is a small device that makes tonal glitchy music out of know parameters. Originally built in Max/MSP by Diego Caponera, Nicolò Paternoster and Giuseppe Sorce for an universitary project, it has been optimized and ported to MaxForLive. Features:

  • 5 FM synthesizer with individual Timbre, ADSR envelope, Gain, Chorus, Octaves’ range and Probability
  • Glitchy palette of sounds
  • Change notes with MIDI (from clips and/or controllers)
  • Harmonic mode to skip dissonant intervals
  • Clock Sync
  • Master glide
  • Ready for MIDI mappings and automations
  • Store presets as Ableton Max Instruments presets

Download SmileForLive

How did this project use Max?

Everything from the user interface to the synthesis is made in MaxForLive. A small JavaScript patch is used internally to sort the notes.

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