This is a loop player I made using Max/MSP and Reactivision, fully integrated with Ableton Live. Its has some neat features such as pan & volume on X/Y axis, lowpass filtering by rotating the boxes, adjustable tempo. Delay and reverb are controlled by moving the box close to that which the effect should be applied to, this increases the send level of that track. Almost all functions are remappable in Ableton Live, using max4live. It took a lot of snusing to get it working, but now it´s finally fully operational!

Max is used to manage all the data recieved from the table and routing this to different functions within the Live API.

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May 01 2012 | 6:36 am

this is very cool. Is it all made possible by the sensor under glass? do they have something on the bottom that it reacts to?

May 01 2012 | 12:52 pm

Thank you! The boxes have fiducial codes on the bottom side and are tracked using a normal webcam. Check out reactivision if you want more info. It also supports fingertracking, which im thinking about adding somehow..

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