Software Defined Radio in Max/MSP

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A software defined radio receiver in Max/MSP.

Works with the Soft66lc2 (500 KHz to 30 MHz) and the FUNCubeDongle Pro (64 MHz to 1.7 GHz)

Features include:

  • Support for generic IQ devices and files
  • SSB, AM, FM, and FMW
  • AGC, Notch/Peak filter,  and Noise filters
  • Midi control-surface support
  • iPad control-surface support via touchOSC
  • Memory store/recall
  • Scanner interface
  • Synthesizer interface

Runs in Mac OS and Windows

Requires Max/MSP (distributed by Cycling74)

(iPad screens require touchOSC app)


Entire project was done in Max - user interface, device interface, and signal processing.

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May 13 2014 | 3:47 am

thank you!…i cant wait to try this out as soon as i have the chance.

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