Musician’s speed trainer – adaptive, programmable metronome Speed Upp

Adaptive, programmable metronome for training speed and precision.

Struggling to play along your favorite licks and solos? Speed Upp will guide you during scale exercises and chromatic drills by listening and adapting to your skills or by following tempo according to on-screen graph.

Adaptive mode

Adapts to your skills: Set a tempo to start with, grab your instrument and start playing. Speed Upp will listen and react depending how precise you hit the beats. The tempo will increase until you start making too many mistakes, then slows down and tries again after a while. As you play along and challenge yourself, you will definitely see your results improving.

Graph mode

Play along: Train your precision and speed by following the tempo which changes according to on-screen graph. You can use the built-in best-practice graph designed for optimal learning curve or use your own ideas by drawing a line with mouse.

General options

  • Save your presets. Save custom presets including graph, beats per column and target tempo.
  • Time remaining. Be informed about the time remaining to the end of the drill.
  • Windowed and full-screen. You can switch to full-screen mode for distraction free experience.
  • Audio clues. Higher and lower pitch clicks let you know when tempo changes.
  • Choose your sound. Use carefully selected built-in sounds or use your own .wav/.aiff file.

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Built entirely with Max/MSP 6.

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Nov 16 2016 | 10:03 am


TROUBLE is, the metronome hear its own sound, but off-beat, sligthly on the right yellow… Can’t use it to perfect my timin…

Nov 17 2016 | 6:01 am

Gotta use headphones with classical guitar. No trouble with electric.

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