Spektro Nucleation

Spektro Nucleation is a Max For Live device that functions as a waveshaper and bitcrusher. The basic idea was inspired by the eurorack module WMD Geiger Counter.

The device has 2 stages (waveshaping and bitcrushing) and, as in the WMD module, you can change the order of them. By activating the toggle next to the Bit Depth knob, you can position the bit-crusher before the waveshaper.

The toggle next to the Sample Rate knob changes the range for the knob. When activated, the sample rate reduction range is reduced to the upper parts.

The waveshaping stage process the sound sample-by-sample using the gen~ technology. You can change how the waveshaper reacts by offsetting the incoming signal or shifting the waveform forward in time.

Nucleation ships with 255 factory waveforms that you can use to shape the incoming signal. Use the WaveStudio to further modify existing waveforms or even generate new ones using different operations. You can also save your own waveforms to the User Bank.

Check out the project’s link for further information and video/audio demos.

Since Nucleation is a MaxforLive device, it's used MAX for everything.
gen~ was also used in this device for processing the incoming sound and managing the buffers.

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