Springs Period – Petal Ignited

“Petal Ignited” is the first release by Springs Period. This is heavily improvised abstract electronic music with a free-jazz bent (Cecil Taylor was a big influence on it). The recordings are all live Max/MSP performances of the compositions, using a performance patch that includes modified “chuckers” and granulators to manipulate pre-recorded samples, generative midi players, and synthesis within Max (thanks to the wonderful book by Maurizio Giri and Alessandro Cipriani for help with the synth-building).  The palette is minimal, with the idea of a small jazz combo in mind, but using the treated samples and synthesis within Max in place of the traditional instrumentation.

The track “Cadenza Antenna” is currently available for free download from the Bandcamp link provided.

Aside from some samples created in Logic, the entire project was performed in Max.

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