Stickies Music

Stickies Music is interactive sound installation that reflects personal schedule represented by a set of stickies. The goal was to design a musical interface for novice user. To make an interface accessible to novice-users, I hoped to get rid of the notion of performing of instrument. Most of the times, an instrument generates sound when musician applies physical gestures(bowing, plucking, blowing, or pressing). The sound varies by the gesture itself and the position where the gesture is applied in the interface. Instead, in Stickies Music, what makes music are not the gesture of making notes nor the position where the notes are. It makes music by the notes you make to remember things you have to do in your life, for example, “homework”, “laundry”, “paint my room” or “call back my mom”.

The color of each sticky note indicates the urgency and the importance of the task. By detecting the color and number of stickies with mounted camera, Stickies Music will play music that sounds like your life. If you are busy, it will sounds busy. If you are hectic with lots of urgent schedule, it will sounds alarming. Lastly, If your to-do list does not change for a long time, which means you are not being productive, it will ruin the music.

Stickies Music is implemented using C++/OpenCV for computer vision, Max/MSP for generative algorithmic composition and Logic for sound synth.


Sang Won Lee :

How did this project use Max?

Computer Vision part based on C++ and Open CV send OSC message to Max patch. OSC message includes the number of stickies of each color. Based on the number, max patch generates MIDI notes of pre-composed melody and playback sample sound of rhythmic pattern in global tempo. Max patch also includes java external that runs markov model of selecting melodic sequence based on number of stickies of specific colors, let's say, pink, which means that it is important and urgent.

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