still life

Still Life is the debut album by intermedia artist Tohm Judson.

In this album, I wanted to explore the subtlety of small changes, simple gestures, and still motion. As music is an art the must have time, I try to capture the traditional artistic concept of a still life… the beauty of a single moment.

frames is a brief train ride in Portugal, the music being framed between the stops. I have always felt that these short rides are personal moments of zen where you can let go of all thought.

mercury is the study of a single synth sound, inspired by both the liquid and the planet mercury.

concrete is an exploration of concrete and construction sounds using cellular data.

insert time here was written a few years back, and conceived on a train, waiting for sheep to pass… waiting for my next decision.

the street lamp was written in reaction to “Rhapsody on a Windy Night” by T.S. Eliot.

And slip is a soundtrack to people watching on a busy street. Or maybe waiting in traffic. Or maybe on a busy beach. Or…

I hope you enjoy.

Max was used to create the entire CD project, including artwork, performance version, and videos.

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