Story of a Shaped Sound

Story of a shaped sound explores the ideas of Pierre Schaeffer to “shape” a recorded sound. This story is explored by manipulating and shaping one recorded sound in real-time through different gestures executed by the performer. The evolution of the sound is represented by different distinct steps of manipulation and localisation of the human body.

This performance allied the Microsoft Kinect a 3-D vision system based on gesture recognition with ambisonics system. The artistic core of this instrument is to shape a sound with the hands of the performer; every speaker has its own role within the instrument. Waveshaping technique was used to “shape” the sound in a simple and effective manner. Waveshaping technique was mapped in such a way that every movements of the performer’s body had a direct effect on the waveshaping technique and the sound produced.


The video is just a description of the performance, the actual sound is hosted on the Soundcloud link.

Max was used with ICST Librairies to create an environmental space controlled by movements executed by the performer.

Gestures are caught by Synapse, OSC messages are received by Max and then treat to create this typical sound environment made from waveshapping techniques.

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