TapNTune brings to your desktop something that was until now only available in hardware form: namely, a combination tuner and metronome that runs from a single window. TapNTune’s easy-to-use interface includes the best features of both a metronome and a tuner, but feature bloating is avoided in favor of simplicity. Nonetheless, TapNTune possesses a powerful feature set including:


  • Choice of sound production
  • Real-time tempo tapping
  • Global muting
  • Beat and division capability
  • Multiple methods of data input
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Individual volume control
  • Visual interface elements for when sound is muted
  • Ability to mute selected divisions of beat
  • Factory reset
  • Ramped volume and mute control to avoid pops and distorting when changing volume


  • Switchable microphone and sound modes
  • Choice between Sine and Saw waves for Tuner sound
  • Musical keyboard entry
  • Fully chromatic 10-plus octave range for built-in synthesizer
  • “Both” mode: allows users to hear pitches while still enabling the microphone and pitch tracker
  • Live entry of pitches, including note name and octave number
  • Separate buttons to switch both octave and individual pitch
  • Individual volume control
  • Sensitivity adjust for input
  • Calibration between 380 and 480 Hz for A4
  • Slow – Fast adjustment for pitch tracker
  • Metronome and tuner can be shut off individually, in order to save CPU resources without shutting down the application

Max/MSP 4 was used for the initial prototype, then the project was completed in Max 5

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