“Target Practice” – Live Performance (Photoresistor, Headlamp, Arduino, Max/MSP, Piano)

Here is a live performance from the UCSC Electronic Music Concert on November 14th, 2010. This piece involves a light sensor hooked up to arduino, run through Max and then Logic. I change a series of drum presets by shining a light (located on my head) upon the photoresistor. “Target Practice” was originally known as a song I wrote on guitar, called “Sex & Smiles.”

I’d like to thank Peter Elsea and Rupa Dhillon for introducing me to the world of Max, a world I don’t plan on leaving anytime soon.

Using a 24 step sequencer I built in Max, I created a series of drum machine presets (12 in total). I use my headlamp to trigger a bang that cycles through these presets each time I shine it upon the light sensor. The piano acts as the primary focus of this piece, carrying the melody along

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