telePort is a live performance oriented music program made as a standalone prototype with MaxMSP 5.

It lets you integrate hardware and software instruments as one advanced combined, programmable and morphable instrument.

Storing and recalling patches from both hardware instruments (MIDI/sysex) and VST instruments (fxp+fxb) is handled by the same simple streamlined Patch-changer/Librarian modules.

It brings this morphable  modular approach with it as it enters (augmented) sequencing and mixing; making it easy switching between completely different songs/tracks or changing the modules up independently as the music is playing.

The goal being creating a very flexible music system where you can have a whole set, not just a song, at your fingertips and improvise or play structured parts based on rules you define freely.

There’s already a complete series of tutorials on youtube to get you started!

You can watch a visualized set demonstration here:

A more descriptive introduction here:

And the full Tutorial Playlist is here:

Max 5 was used for everything except a few custom java scripts. It uses the timing objects introduced in Max 5 heavily to provide a very flexible time morphing solution. The rest is "just" good ol' patching with tons of MIDI formating and data/list mangling...

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