The 360 Project. KRUMP 360 & BALLET 360

“The 360 Project” is an exploration into the crossroads of photography and motion pictures. It is a study of peak dance movements, captured simultaneously by 48 cameras aligned in a circle.

There are two components to “The 360 Project” – “Ballet 360” features ballerinas from Canada’s National Ballet School, “Krump 360” features dancers from Northbuck Krump. The two styles of dance represent polemic perspectives in both technique and origin – one is beauty, the other beast.

The resulting images resemble a type of digital statue – a frozen, peak moment, embodying the essence of each dance form in 360 degrees.


Director – Ryan Enn Hughes
Cinematographer – Barry Cheong
Location Sound – Barry Cheong
Timelapse Camera – Arash Moallemi
Set Photographer – Melissa Tait
Editor – Ryan Enn Hughes
Sound Mixing – Zelig Sound

Additional footage provided by Melissa Tait, Matthew Wilcock, and Ryan Enn Hughes.

All content © Ryan Enn Hughes 2011.

Processing sounds.

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Oct 03 2011 | 12:21 am

good stuff!

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