The Augmented Drum Kit – Frrriction EP

The Augmented Drum Kit consists of a traditional jazz drum kit mounted with sensors, contact microphones, speakers and bespoke software programmed in MaxMSP. The acoustic kit becomes the control interface of the electronics by using various machine listening techniques, resulting in a very direct interaction between the two sound worlds.

The instrument was used for performances at NIME2011, BEAM Festival, Sonorities Festival and Sound Festival of New Music Scotland, among others.

Frrriction is a recording exploring The Augmented Drum Kit through 6 improvised pieces. It was recorded in the Edinburgh Reid Hall, 2011 and is available here:


MaxMSP is used to analyse the acoustic drum kit's incoming audio, extracting information such as onset attacks, density, envelopes and pitch (from cymbal bowing for example). The contact microphones and sensors are used to provide control data for gesture following, which is used to change the various module settings in a non-linear manner or to initiate different groups of modules. Methods for the electronic sound generation include concatenative and granular synthesis among other real-time sampling processes.

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