The Echo Nest Analyzer

en_analyzer~ is a Max external that provides an interface to The Echo Nest‘s audio analysis API. The Echo Nest provides automatic musical analysis that uses machine listening techniques to extract attributes such as tempo, key, time signature, harmony, timbre, and rhythmic structures. With en_analyzer~, Max users can use The Echo Nest’s technology to analyze audio data from a buffer~ object. The resulting analysis data can then be used to manipulate the original audio. Possible applications include building visualization tools, filtering or sorting segments of a song based on their pitch or timbre, and using rhythmic and harmonic events in a song to trigger another musical or visual process.

This is a new Max object, designed to give Max users access to a music analysis tool that was previous usable only by coders (of Python, Java, C++ ...). en_analyzer~ makes it easy to use this rich analysis data to build creative tools.

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Oct 16 2015 | 12:11 pm

You mentioned you were working on a windows version. Is this still in development or would I be able to compile one for windows myself?

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