The Elementary Signal Engine

The Elementary Signal Engine (ESE) is inspired by the 1950′s electronic sound studios in which, a manual approach to composition was the prime modus operandi. The ESE is not a software plug-in and does not rely on external sequencer hosts in order to function. It is a self contained composition environment. The term elementary signal is a concept first coined by Denis Gabor in part one of his 1946 paper Theory of Communication in which he described sound quanta and elementary signals. This is one of the theoretical underpinnings of sound particle synthesis, which granular synthesis is a modality of. The ESE, however, is not a granular synthesiser. It generates and organises particles of sound using pure synthesis. Think extended VoSim, FOF and Pulsar with a strong compositional system.

It will be released spring of 2014 and will be free. If you wish to be informed of its release follow and

How did this project use Max?

To develop the whole of the ESE environment.

December 13, 2013 | 4:23 pm

looks sooo great, can’t wait!

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