The Granulizator for Ableton Live

After a lot of requests about it, here it is for you: OUR granulator.


We have to thank you a lot for you enthuastic requests all along the year about “how would have sounded our granulator?”
I hope you’ll like the result.

The Granulizator is a tool inside the granular synthesis realm.
It is also and firstly the tool used by protofuse ( digital artist.
Especially, an ep has been made and unreleased for the moment but soon.

– buffer size from 1ms to 10s
– 5 parameters to control grains (pitch, noise pitch, length, gain, stereo)
– 2 sources possible (grab audio from input OR use a sample from your disk)
– built-in delay (no clicky!)
– built-in limiter in case things go hardcore

It has been designed as a studio tool to produce soundscapes reused in other samplers or machines, but can be used as a live tool too.


You have to read more about the granular synthesis:
– http://en.wikipedia….nular_synthesis
– http://www.granulars…
– http://adagio.calart…u/~eric/gs.html
– http://www.artesonor…ortadagran.html

This device is made with Max.

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