The Large Hadron Sound Collider App

Around 8 months ago I posted a work-in-progress version of a max patch that was to combine the ideas (lite) behind the Large Hadron Collider research at CERN with an easy to use sound design instrument to aid engagement and make this fun. I have now completed and published the patch as an application for Mac (Windows version now in development) and Nintendo Wii Remote as part of the LHCSound Project ( This project, consisting of scientists and musicians/artists, is working to sonify the real data from the ATLAS detector in LHC itself and transform that data into sound for public engagement purposes. This is my contribution to this great project – some of the sounds ‘collected’ from the LHC itself feature in the application too. You can download it for free from

I hope you enjoy.

Nick Donovan

The whole application was written, developed and tested in max.

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