The Lorelei Suite

The Lorelei Suite comprises of three different applications, each one designed with a specific sound or compositional process in mind.

The Feedback application is ideally suited to drone or loop based music. Feedback uses 20 independent delays to create dense textures or loops based on measures from a global BPM. A 3 channel effects section with 4 different effects including distortion, static delay, variable delay, and graphical filter allow users to transform both the file or audio input. Feedback has the ability to record each delay bank independently, as well as the effected or dry input audio.

Generative analyses audio files or an audio input to generate markers which are used in a continually changing granular playback system. Generative’s granular parameters are determined by 6 internal states, which not only alter the granular parameters, but the playback position, volume, and panning. Designed as a way of generating evolving soundscapes automatically, Generative also allows the user to take control of each playhead for more flexible sound design applications. The synthesis is designed specifically to immerse the user in the analysed audio.

The Sampler application employs randomisation to generate unique samples from a file or folder of audio files. It is ideally suited to rhythmical music, and is a useful way of finding samples that may not be discovered via a manual process. Each sample has an envelope, volume, filter, pan, loop mode, and pitch setting. MIDI input can also be scaled to provide more expressive playback of the samples. Every sample can be randomised quickly, and once a usable sample is found, its slot can be removed from the randomisation process.

The standard distribution was used exclusively for creating the suite.

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