The MatriX for Ableton Live

This is a real-time sequencer machine for Ableton Live / Max for Live.
IT is really dedicated to the design of unique sequences for idm, braindance music & polyrhythmic. Basically, it provides another way to go out from 4/4 

This sequencer is based on probabilities and double-triggering concept designed especially for this device.
The double triggering is explained in the official video:


  • – based on probabilities
  • – double triggering
  • – from 1 to 32 steps
  • – sync to Ableton Live transport
  • – autonomous rate for each secondary triggers layer
  • – many helpers to generate easily and quickly MatriX presets
  • – 14 pages documentation


Here is my introduction in the documentation

Sequencers are machines able to store & repeat sequences of elements. Usually, we use the term sequencers for music sequencers.
Indeed, you have here a music sequencer in hands in the sense of you have a machine able to produce MIDI notes from its output.

Sequencers are often a big grid inside which you place notes, each note having at two carachteristics: its pitch (which means its frequency, more or less high) & its velocity (often mixed with a volume concept but more meaning the power with which you play it)
The note sits in a slot in the grid, usually name an interval or a time position.
You can play with the grid precision, in order to place each note easily on a 1/2nd or 1/3rd or 1/nth bar position.
But a note placed at some slot is played every time.

With The MatriX, you are about to discover a totally new & unique sequencer based on probabilities and on the concept of double triggering.
It is a full functional Max for Live MIDI FX Device machine useable in Ableton Live.
This machine will give you a particular approach of sequences-based composition.
Indeed, because of the probabilities & the double triggering, you’ll really interact with the machine, as if it was another partner ; you’ll give it some informations, it will render unique sequences to you.
Of course, The MatriX popping out standard MIDI Notes, you can trigger anything understanding MIDI, from external hardware synthesizer to built-in and native Ableton’s devices (including Max for Live other devices too)

It is a max for live device for Ableton Live.

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Jun 27 2016 | 7:08 am


Where can i get this lovely Max 4 Live Project from? :)


Niclas Helbig

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