The Protoclidean Sequencer for Ableton Live


After the uniques Uncanny SequencerThe Matrix Sequencer, here is a totally new one, based on euclidean algorithms … but what is it ???

The Protoclidean Sequencer is based on Euclidan algorithm.
This is one of the oldest mathematical algorithm ever.
It offers a very simple way to distribute the most evenly possible a particular number of objects inside a particular number of slots.

The Protoclidean implements this algorithm to place a particular number of notes into a particular number of slots.
That way, you can easily create sequences using odd or even number of steps without the need of creating a lot of clips with different size in your liveset, you can also play live with it, using the banks storage/load feature.

It can easily used to design rhythmic patterns, but for melodic purposes too.
Check the video to better understand how it works.


For further readings about Euclidean algorithms & implementation into music, you can read this amazing article:
The Euclidean Algorithm Generates Traditional Musical Rhythms / Godfried Toussaint, School of Computer Science, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada 


- 8 independant channels
- step number + number of notes + offset + pitch + velocity for each channels
- accurate synchro to Live transport
- scaler helper to choose a scale across each channel
- GM Drum-map mode with the 8 first standard MIDI Drum map notes accross channels
- notes randomizer with min/max limits
- MIDI Thru (the sequencer let all notes from your clips to go to the next devices)
- all parameters are auto mappable to any control surfaces compatible with Live
- built-in help

How did this project use Max?

This project is based on Max for Live