The Sequencer Playpen

The Sequencer Playpen is a powerful MAX/MSP MIDI control sequencer with many features not seen before.  It’s available free to qualified users.  My web site has detailed info with many graphics, along with 3 You Tube videos showing each feature and showing a live performance of JUBILEE using the software. 

What makes this outstanding is that it is a ready to go, very elegantly-crafted high level program with extensive user manual and tutorial.  Basically, it uses step record process to record three 24-step tracks which are independent. Once recorded, these tracks undergo numerous manipulations. Everything can be saved for future work.  As my YouTube video JUBILEE shows, it can be used as a high level, complete performance vehicle.  Written in MAX/MSP 5, requires Macintosh System 10.6 (may work in 10.5 also). Requires  MIDI keyboard controller and a synthesizer, along with an optional 8 position continuous MIDI controller.  Inputs and outputs MIDI only. No MSP involved.

How did this project use Max?

FEATURES AT A GLANCE: 1. Three tracks of 24 steps each in step record mode 2. Increment step panels to see progress of each step 3. Each track has normal and alternate pitches and many ways to go between them. Alternate pitches can be randomized and transposed on the spot. 4. Precise control of all MIDI aspects such as program, bank, controllers, volume, MIDI channel. 5. Several ways of instantly calling up previously recorded material. 6. Sophisticated manipulation of tempo including ability of pitch to control rhythm. 7. Controlled random ability to move up and down the track increments using patterns bandwidth mode 8. Ability to semirandomize time between repeated playing of track 9. MIDI keyboard controls choice of alternate or normal pitch, and mute or play on each increment 10. Reset or resume, and reset with velocity controlling starting point of track 11. Controlled random velocity and duration 12. Change track direction quickly in live performance 13. Pulsed program change 14. Auto volume scan 15. Multislider random instantly generates new pitch patterns via controlled random processes 16. Many other random and automated processes too numerous to mention, some never seen before 17. All features work simultaneously and are additive 18. Ability to save and instantly change globally or within specific areas via tables and presets