The Shooting Gallery

The Shooting Gallery

An Interactive Film / Music Installation by Bill Morrison and Richard Einhorn

BAM’s 30th Next Wave Festival

Running Time: 50min

The Shooting Gallery is an Interactive Film / Music Installation by Bill Morrison and Richard Einhorn in which the audience will trigger short video and audio clips with laser pointers while circulating through the theater. The video clips used range from archival snippets of old nitrate masters to original contemporary POV footage, together with interactive music and audio composed and produced by Richard Einhorn. Project design by Jim Findlay. Interactive programming by Ryan Holsopple.

This work features MaxMSP, Jitter and Max4Live patches as well as TroikaTronix’s Isadora.

Programming by Ryan Holsopple of the theater group 31 Down and a graduate of NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. MaxMSP user since 2004.



The Shooting Gallery tracks laser pointers on video screens with Jean-Marc Pelletier's cv.jit package. A master computer running Max5 controls six slave computers via OSC and MIDI. The audio computer is running Max4Live to create a 5 channel surround sound system.
The show is organized by the control computer running nine unique scenes to make up a 50 minute interactive show.

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