I often think that time is as relative as the individual’s perception of what is right and wrong. How is my experience of a minute different from yours? Through generative works I remove myself from the position as creator/composer and take on the role as observer. I find this truly fascinating; a shift between two roles that complement each other. The title is a commentary on this experience. A fusion of different positions and directions. I remove myself from the work, it defines itself. I can be critical as a listener, but I have no control over the transpirations over the next minutes. It becomes an Event Horizon.

Ricardo del Pozo‘s audio-visual installation, “The Singularity , explores generative processes and algorithmic composition. Through digital real-time based processes and spatialization techniques Ricardo’s work seeks to address the formal aspects of sound and video; an exploration of their inherent qualities as artistic value. Through the use of generative strategies he consciously manipulates the recorded materials’ inherent formal characteristics, and redefines these as music through constructed environments. The self-generative musical work aims to dissolve the perception of time and deconstruct the experience of the physical room the listener

In this project I used Max 6 to control the random generation of sound. I made several modules with the Jamoma framework which controlled pitch, eq, tonality and reverb. In addition I used ViMiC which is a spatialization technique encapsulated with the Jamoma framework for Max. With this I could control the virtual sound source in a virtual 3D space with random operator made with Max. I used 16 speaker. I also used OpenGL and Max 6 to control realtime video effects on snippets of video which was chosen at random. All the modules I have used can be found on github. I have also used objects in some of these modules. All sound, video and effects are done in Max 6

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