The Spectrum Sampler

What is it?
Spectrum Sampler is a Max for Live device which samples and holds spectral components of the incoming signal. It can create inharmonic resonances, artifacts, dusty noises, drones, gliding sounds: a wide palette of amazing noises.

How does it sound?
Check this video:

Which kind of plug-in is it?
It is a Max for Live device. It runs in Ableton Live, and it is compatible with Live 8 and 9 and Max 5 and 6.

Cool! Is it Mac/Windows compatible?
Yes, it is compatible with both Mac and Windows (provided you have Ableton Live 8/9 and Max for Live installed on your computer).

The device is entirely made with Max: it is Max5/Live8 compatible (but you can use it on Max6/Live9 also, of course).

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