This City’s Centre

This City’s Centre is a digital performance that introduces new ways of creating and experiencing new media performances. To accomplish the technological demands of this work, a media system was created in order to allow the transmission of multiple live video feeds from various geographic locations to the main performance space via a Wide Access Network (WAN). An application was developed to capture live video from the connected camera on each computer, and to stream video information to the main server application.

Six different captured video feeds from the remote computers, and two feeds from Android mobile devices are received in the main application that uses a matrix utility to mix the videos together according to the storyline. This can be achieved manually, automatically, or interactively.The final composition is projected in the venue using multiscreen and projection mapping.

Max was used to capture live camera video from 6 remote computers, and use a TCP/IP protocol to stream the information. Also, two mobile phones were used to stream live video directly into Max (using this approach).

Thus, the main application (also in Max) extracted the video frames from all 8 sources, and with a mixing utility the user could compose the final composition. Multiscreen and projection mapping was also implemented into Max to transform the venue into an immersive space.

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