Developed for the T, a circular glass building located in the center of Cagliari, Tlight is a permanent interactive installation obtained through the use of LED panels on the top floor of the building. light’s panels change color and intensity depending on the traffic noise, on outside temperature and on many other sensor system. At the moment Tlight allows everyone to change the color tones and the behavior of the lights placed on the top of the big glass tower of the hotel just posting a message by Twitter.
This installation is one of the first real experiments and applications of Paraimpu.
To interact with it, post a message on Twitter with hashtag: #thotel and writing a phrase containing one of the following words:
red, blue, green, orange, yellow, white, cyan, purple, wave, different, couple, full, pulse e random.

all the led panels are driven by max/msp. the data and the twitter interaction are possible thanks Paraimpu, a tool for the web of things.

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