Umidade: performatic installation on the Danaids Myth

Umidade is a live  interactive installation based on the Hades condemning of the Danaids (a Greek myth), where three performers (Ludmila Machado, Samir Andreoli and Stephane Paula) take a bath in front of four cameras, connected to two macbooks. Each of the cameras is used to capture, calculate and generate real-time sounds and images which are projected inside the cave-like space of the installation (watch video), invited to participate at the Anapolis Digiarte Exposition (2011). Audience walking through also interferes with and generates sounds and images on the system.


How did this project use Max?

All the sound and video processing are based on a patch called Holofractal Music and Image Transducer (v.1.05), developed by Eufrasio Prates on Max/MSP/Jitter (using some Jamoma objects for video/sound processing). This patch includes the FM Surfer patch, by John Bischoff, the bundled X-FM~ (from Max 5), Chris Keyes' Grain Cloud Generator and 8 channel Spatializer.

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