Using Max tools on stage: A “Sequencer”.

There are uncountable number of commercial programs for sequencing and modulating sounds, but I think that the more interesting and unique  are the home-made and self designed digital tools.

Here we’d like  to share an example of our way in the band to sequence music on stage or in studio. The patch records a live sequence from a player  and the sequence then can be modulated in various ways . With building our own “sequencer” we actually can adapt our own personal sound and we’re able to make the performance  more interactive with the live playing.

In this video example  we show how the phrase “its your turn to be judged”  (from the song “Exhibition Trial”) is modulated in the  “sequencer” patch.   By controlling the sound, speed, and length of the sequence we try to transform these powerful words into an interesting new shape evolving in time.






The tool was made in MAX 6.
An Interesting function in this sequencer is an automatic recording. For example we can trigger and stop recording samples by a thresh-hold or by timing (bar and beats).
Other functions: granulating, Effects, adding noises or sounds.

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