Viatge al País del Pinguai

Interactive installation for children and parents.
… is a journey into a magical spaceship driven by the same children, ipad to experiment with using a real-time interaction
the lights, audio and video.

Concept and production: Marco Domenichetti, David Morella.
Audio – Light – Interaction – Custom software: Marco Domenichetti, David Morella.

Scenery ‘Submarí’: Glòria Moretó
Video: Manel “Litu” Mateo

27, 28, 29 12 2010 (10h – 14h / 16h a 20h)
Granollers: Parc infantil de Nadal

Platform: MacBook Pro
Software: Max-Msp-Jitter / TouchOsc / patch ReMapping (©Recreat)
Hardware: Mac Pro / DmxPro512 / 2 Dimmer 4ch / Projector / iPad / 1ch projector/ 2 ch sound – Yamaha HS80M
Duration: 08:00 loop


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