Video-Game > “The collector”

The idea behind this project was to offer a video game to a wider public. In partnership with a grocer, the players with the highest scores earned fruits!

The story :

You play bob, a producer of vegetable. It is harvest time and you must recover the fruits that fall from the trees before they hit the ground.

You have to catch coconuts, bananas and apples,use your net, run into the trees and you will reap more simply…

Beware of birds that can break the branches and fall on your head. It also happens that wood sticks roll on to the ground, you should avoid them otherwise your collect will be lost!

It’s a part of a collection of game arcade (“organic & the drinker”)

Made by Maxime Schück

The game was made with Max6.
Use the jit.phys library to process collisions.

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