Vimi2 is a video player for stage performances. It organizes video files in a playlist and can mix 2 files together at anytime.
Cuepoints can be placed on a timeline to autopause or to trigger midi and osc commands. Vimi can be triggered by midi or keyboard shortcuts. The color settings and picture positions can be dynamicaly changed. It support matrox dual head video graphic card to display wide pictures. Cropping and soft edge can be adjusted and changed during playback.

As  a successor of last project called “MP”, Vimi uses openGL for color correction and picture treatment.

Now supports freeframe effects in a dynamic way.

playback speed and interpolation can be easylly controlled during a stage performance.

How did this project use Max?

fully programmed with max 6.0 and jitter. using openGL

October 1, 2013 | 5:44 pm

updates on!

Now Vimi provides improved softedges, crop, keystone, color correction, playback speed control with image interpolation and supports freeframe effects.

The interface is in English and the help file in French.

October 2, 2013 | 11:15 pm

Nice. Going to try this.

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