VOCALOOP – VOCALOID Loop Sequencer Gadget

VOCALOOP is a loop sequencer gadget focused on timbre and voice of the Japanese. By entering, playing a melody and words, it is possible to sing in real time. By the effect, it is also possible to create a loop and vocal phrases of Japanese unexpected.

It is equipped with NSX-1 · eVOCALOID engine that was researched and developed by YAMAHA Corporation to the sound source. The VOCALOID until now, I’ve been focused on that (beyond the limit further) like a human being to sing. VOCALOOP, has been designed to re-considered VOCALOID as a sound source and the synthesizer, to create a loop minimal club music with the sound of singing unique Japanese more willingly.



Shota Kagami  : Planning / Interaction / Prototype App :

Ryota Uchida : Design (Product / Graphic / Web) :

Hiroshi Kotaki : Circuit

Daisuke Kataoka : Software

Toru Shirakawa : Exterior


How did this project use Max?

Max has been used to develop a prototype standalone application for consideration of the specification and operation and interaction of VOCALOOP.

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