Vulsang Edge – The Better Side Of Today

auricular branch presents the vulsang edge album – the better side of today, available for listening and *purchasing.

this album was made using only **padi/podi applications for the sounds/beats and goodness, and custom built max for live effects devices.
using these applications and making something new from them, rather than being tied down to such things like midi, i went a different path and chose to record only audio from these very nice applications that the ***developers had made.

it is a mixture of electronics, ambience, soundscapes and my own mental state for music, taking you on this little trip that will please the senses. with some tracks intertwining each other to keep the atmosphere going.

i hope you enjoy this album just as much as i had making it and discovering new sounds and music.


lewis edwards

* purchases will be made through bandcamp, where you choose what formats you want, lovely.
** i dont call the padi/podi units by the actual given names, because i personally dont like them, i think they sound quite silly.
*** as a good will gesture for the developers that made the applications [including ableton and cycling 74], they will receive a free copy of the album, as my way of saying “thanks” to them.

max for live was used for custom built effects that had been building up. using special delay effects, beat cutters, sound mashers and many more to bring out the sounds further both in the first and final stages of production.

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