Wob FX

-Teaser track by Daniel Sommer-


“Looking for wobble? Look no further. The new Wob FX Max for Live device, developed by Ernesto Cecco D’Ortona, should take care of most if not all of your wobble needs.” The Ableton Blog

Mac Install Path: /Users/You/Library/Application Support/Ableton/Library/Presets/Audio Effects/Max Audio Effect
Win Install Path: \Users\You\Documents\Ableton\Library\Presets\Audio Effects\Max Audio Effect

Hello World:

– Open Ableton Live.
– Put an Analog on a midi track.
– Next to it in the effects chain, put Wob FX.
– Play something with your keyboard…

Is recommended using Wob FX while recording everything you do in a Live’s audio track.

—— —— —— —— —— ——

How it works:

Part 1: initial settings.
– Receive input.
– Select wobbling filter: LP, HP, BP, Notch.
– Select wobbling wave: the way Wob FX cuts the sound to make the wobble (sine, square, triangle, saw, inverted saw).
– Set Mouth Openness: filter frequency range.

Part 2: wobble editing.
– Set wobble speed in time signatures or Hz.
– Testosterone (downsampling), Resonance and Shape: both square and triangular wobbling wave morphing.
– Set Tremolo speed.

Part 3: FX.
– Add vibrato, flanger, chorus and not only: try presets, then shape your effect.
– Wob FX parameters: depth, rate, delay, gain, feedback, feedforward.

Part 4: dry/wet and volume.
– Decide presence of the previous effects: Wobble dry/wet, Testosterone, Wob FX, Tremolo.
– Set volume.
– Send controlled output (built-in limiter).

– Wob FX dry/wet: set under 50% to be enable presets selection, set above 50% to enable manual parameters editing.
– Move sliders on Testosterone and Mouth Openness to switch between normal and Extra values.


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