Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold

Alexander Schubert

Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold (2011)

For solo performer with voice, motion sensors, electric guitar and live-electronics



Premiered by Frauke Aulbert, December 1st 2011, at Klangwerktage Festival, Hamburg.


“Your Fox’s A Dirty Gold” is an interactive performance piece for a singer with motion sensors, electric guitar, live-electronics and lights.

“Fox” is what you could describe as a modern pop song (a love song actually). It incorporates elements of contemporary and experimental electronic music in the domain of pop music.

The concept is to link all involved elements to the movement and gestures of the performer. This allows the singer to control, trigger and shape in time all technical and musical parts of the composition in real time. The software MAX/MSP is used to control the live electronics and the DMX lights. They are driven by the upper body movement of the singer and the electric guitar interface.

The aim of this technical concept is to establish an embodiment of the involved electronic apexes of the piece in order to make it perceivable and controllable like a regular acoustic instrument.

MAX/MSP is used to do all the live electronics in the piece.
Wii accelerometers are used as controllers.
Max also controls the DMD lights.
It also analyses the sounds of the electric guitar, which functions as an interface in this piece.

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