zeph.yr Interactive Dance Experience

Zeph.yr is an interactive dance performance which gives the audience an immersive all encompassing, transportive sensory experience.

To create something that hasn’t existed or been experienced before, to instil in the audience a sense of wonder.

Rebecca’s singing is reflected in the growth or bloom of the branches and leafs. The brightness and tonal quality of what is vocalised is directly responsible for the shape of the represented tree.

Rebecca’s movements are visualised and sonified using Max in realtime. The sonic and visual instruments are designed with the intention that movement in free space is the interactive mode between human motion and instrument. Rebecca using her shape, transitional movement and position on stage to transfer emotion into what is seen and heard.

We made a film of a recent performance at Dublin Dance Festival 2013.

Max Msp Jitter is used to create the visual and sonic instruments.
Everything seen and heard is generated live, by the expressiveness of movement.

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