Étude No.1, for Curve, by Nathan M. Asman

    Curve in performance at the University of Oregon,
    Curve in performance at the University of Oregon
    Curve in performance at the University of Oregon

    Étude No.1, for Curve

    Étude No.1, for Curve, being the first ever composition for my new custom-built instrument, Curve, imbued a unique set of qualities to the compositional process. Accordingly, I am calling this piece an étude. To study and explore the control, performative possibilities, and affordances that this new interface offered me, I needed to study the options that Curve provided. However, I did not simply want to compose a study using the interface, but a substantial musical piece in its own right. To that end, the piece is broken up into four different sections, each highlighting a specific and unique performative technique that I developed for the instrument. Each section is denoted by a different method of physical interaction with the instrument, as well as a unique lighting mode designed to correspond and emphasize each performative technique. I used Max as my primary data-mapping environment and Max for Live as my primary sound design engine within Ableton Live. I hope you enjoy it!

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