​Anything Goes: GWG Dance in 17 parts

    anything goes: GWG DANCE IN 17 PARTS - 12. "Table Dance - Titan solo".

    During May 2017 a large collaborative performance with Mile Zero Dance Company, artistic director Gerry Morita and University of Alberta Faculty Lin Snelling and myself was created. The two dancers interacted with denim clothing, sewing tools and 10 other dancers during a installation / performance that lasted three hours per presentation – sonically, an octophonic sound system was set on the ceiling of the hall, which processed sound in real-time, the sound sources where captured by several microphones, used throughout the piece: two for myself where I improvised with percussion instruments, a double bass, and found objects; a set of three contact microphones attached to the a plywood wall where at some point dancers threw jeans creating an interactive wall of sound, where later I rubbed diverse percussion mallets; and finally a wireless microphone attached to a old hand powered sewing machine that I performed in the closing number of the show.

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