《e-live》For 5 MIDI Controllers by [Classroom513] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA

    《e-live》For 5 MIDI Controllers Composing, programming: Liu Hao(刘昊)
    Performance: [ Classroom 513 ] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA ([513教室] 电子乐团)This piece is accomplished by 5 well trained performers, playing per-designed Max/MSP instrument - Bitstream 3x MIDI controller.All the music happens in real-time. All the generation, modification, morphing of the sound is controlled by the knobs, the faders and the ribbons of the controllers in performer’s hand.In order to reach the main goal of this piece, which is interaction, performers must have the ability of sensitive controller playing while listing to the sound generated by their performance.
    [Classroom 513] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA is an experimental orchestra. Interactive electronic music is one of the most important fields which electronic musicians are trying hard to study and practice. The purpose of this orchestra is exploring and practicing different performance ways for interactive electronic stage music.[Classroom 513] e-LIVE ORCHESTRA is also a teaching orchestra. By rehearsals and live shows, students had their playing technique trained, known well of the key of interaction, gathered lots of music experience.It was found by Perry Cheng(程伊兵), associate professor of MCCCM (Multimedia Center of China Conservatory of Music) in 2009. All the members are the students from that department, they are (from left to right): Liu Hao(刘昊), Xiu Jian(修建), Perry Cheng(程伊兵), Cai Ming Jun(蔡明君), Long Ling Zi(龙凌子), Zhang Shen(张珅), Chen Yan Kun(陈彦锟) and Chen Yu Zi Long(陈宇子龙).