1Ghz Analyzer

    GUI for the 1Ghz Analyzer FPGA board.

    • Mar 27 2013 | 2:29 pm
      amazing ! what objedct did you use for this ??
    • Mar 27 2013 | 2:58 pm
      Thanks! I assume you are asking about how I displayed the waves--that picture is actually 8 itable objects packed together, with transparent rsliders on top to fit for the red and blue cursors. The wave display for each was accomplished by setting the table range to 16 but then allowing only two values, 4 and 11 depending on the binary value for that signal. I thought the rslider cursors were a cute trick since their outputs can be used to show the cursor time points, the user can move them with the mouse, and the delta time between cursors (a very common measurement feature) can easily be calculated as the scaled difference in rslider outputs. The file save and restore using write test.jxf and read test.jxf directly from the sample data (stored in a jit.matrix) has proven to be very handy. Kind of a funny kludge, but it's now seeing some pretty heavy duty usage and I can't resist continually adding features!