3D Sound installations in the Amazon Rainforest - Listening to the Forest's brain

    Action Potential

    This project combines Plant electrophysiology and 3D sonic art. Using multi-electrode arrays in various regions of the Amazon rainforest electrical signals in the roots of plants interact with a generative 3D audio soundscape - inspired by the mythology, culture and surroundings of the Amazon rainforest. The spatial audio composition used techniques of both sonic and visionary art and theatre to create the effect of various "audio holograms" floating along different trajectories through the forest. A site specific composition, although electrical signals in the forest changed elements along with the software. It was intended for the artistic side of the project to stand as a work of art in its own right and not just to be the "sonification of data". The event took place in several locations in Ireland, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador and the UK. It was the subject of a paper "Surrounded" in Leonardo Science Art Journal.