A Mar (The Sea, To Love)

    A Mar (The Sea)

    A Mar
    A Mar

    In A Mar the undulation - energy carried by the ocean - measured in the ondograph along the Leixões harbour, is transmuted into luminous and sonorous movement. The data - maximum height and peak period - relative to the last reading of the ondograph maintained by the Hydrographic Institute are obtained every minute through an API and allow the calculation of the energy of the waves that break on the coast of the beaches of Porto.
    Max is used to read the ondograph data, transmute it into synthesised sound and to instruct a micro-controller to control 56 solid state relays.
    Love is the sea, and the sea is love.
    A Mar celebrates life, love, and movement. The moving patch of light in A Mar (The Sea) represents our movement: how we pass through life, how life passes through us.

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