Adlais: Shift Register Performance Sequencer
    Adlais: Shift Register Performance Sequencer


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    Adlais Shift Register Performance Sequencer

    I am obsessed with step sequencers. For this project I wanted a versatile step sequencer that could generate a wide variety of variations on a single sequence and with a simple 'return to base' system. This sequencer is my take on the Klee Sequencer. It uses three shifted copies of the Master sequence. It can be used in both monophonic and polyphonic modes. In mono mode these Shift Registers are difference summed to generate unexpected patterns. In poly mode they each play their own note. Everything is scaled to key at the output. It also has a minimum of interface objects to support easy controller mapping and it is fun to use. Adlais has the capacity to surprise me, so hopefully it will surprise you too....

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    • Oct 31 2017 | 7:14 am
      Hi DaveDove,
      Your sequencer looks fantastic ! Is there a way I could download and give it a try ? Looks great !
      Best regards George
    • Oct 31 2017 | 9:30 am
      It's for sale, George. Check the link in his posting.