Al ‘išq - Interactive Islamic geometric design installation

    Al-‘išq is a live interactive installation based on the principles of Islamic geometric design. Al-‘išq makes use of design and computer vision to create an immersive experience built upon the aesthetics of Islamic culture. It blends technology and art to engage and entertain with users in an innovative way. All the shapes and color palettes have been developed through a meticulous analysis of the main geometric patterns found in Islamic art. Four layers of 200 geometries each and 140 colors are employed, resulting in the generation of more than 60 million unique patterns.

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    • Roman Thilenius
      Feb 18 2021 | 7:26 pm
      (link to pdf in index html has an extra space at the end.)
    • Gianmaria Vernetti's icon
      Gianmaria Vernetti's icon
      Gianmaria Vernetti
      Feb 18 2021 | 9:27 pm
      Hi Roman, thanks for the information, I just updated the website and pdf address with the right URL. Thanks, ciao, Gianmaria