APG has released NESS, the industry’s first free sound spatialization software developed by a speaker manufacturer. NESS offers a reliable sound spatialization solution based on established, proven audio algorithms. It works on PC and Mac with any kind of sound card and allows managing up to 16 audio objects on 32 output channels. The software is built on Max/MSP, and has been optimized to work on scalable configurations, from small home studio setups to big live venues. NESS comes with some convenient tools: - a Max for live plugin to control the audio object's position from Live, with a seamless integration - a TouchOSC patch for remote control of NESS features.
    Resources are also available online: - Tutorials - User documentation - FAQ - The processing is explained in the white paper
    NESS is available for download on APG website and free licenses can be obtained from this form
    Users can also join the community to share their feedbacks, experiences and discuss new features.