ARC4 Granular

    ARC4 Granular - Walkthrough

    The concept of the project is to explore sonic content within audio samples at a granular scale, using the simple yet expressive monome Arc 4 controller.
    Much of the device utilizes Ableton Live's own native plug ins, especially Instrument Rack macro mappings to trigger and modulate the audio files.
    Max provides the bridge between the monome Arc4 and Live via Max for Live.
    Using Max, the Arc's high definition encoders can be translated to messages to Live's various macro controls.
    The minimal GUI was designed inside of Max for streamlined performance/composition and provides a seamless conversion to the hardware.

    • r1v1era
      Dec 09 2014 | 12:37 am
      ARC4 Granular looks fantastic - I have an ARC4 (pouch button) will you be releasing this device? thanks Ben