Arperk and Randrum

    These simple-easy to use music applications were designed by Christian Cooley as stand-alone and completely programmed in Max/MSP.
    He has been designing Max/MSP patches for a while, and he wanted to share them with musicians over the Internet. Needless to say not all musicians are familiar with Max/MSP, therefore he decided to make a couple of stand-alones and give the opportunity to those who are unfamiliar with Max/MSP programming to play with friendly looking applications.
    The main challenge was to make the patches with a professional ‘look’. So he spent time designing the interfaces and creating the applications as friendly as possible.
    If the purpose of Max/MSP programmers is to share their patches, Christian Cooley wants to encourage them to take a little time and think about the look of their work in Max. He believes that interface design potentially helps to increase downloads of patches and applications. Consequently making the patches ‘prettier’ will definitely attract people to the Max/MSP world.