Audio Scene Player

    This is the result of 2 years of development and we now give up disillusioned. Too many bugs could never be killed completely. Therefore: Whoever is interested in helping out and has ideas how to make certain things simpler and/or integrate e.g. a save function is very welcome to help!
    The concept is an audio player that works a bit like Ableton's Clip view, with the difference that its functionality focuses on mutichannel playback. Entire folders, with "any" number of audio files in it, can be dropped (folder) into a clip and played back in different Modes. Every Clip/Scene has its own routing matrix for quick channel routing.
    The area of application would be e.g. for exhibitions or installations, where multi-channel playback with a quick routing interface and simple cross-fading of scenes is helpful.
    The player is controllable via MIDI or OSC and also has some other nice features: Time triggered Playback, Clip Follow, Crossfade Loops, and much more.
    ...Only you can not save. ;)

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